Sprinkler Head Guards

Sprinkler head guards are designed to protect heads from damage in areas where light impact can be expected. Typical areas of usage are in storage racks, warehouses and other applications where sprinkler heads are exposed to potential damage opportunities.

  • Material:  Steel
  • 1 Piece option fits ½" & ¾" sprinkler heads and comes in red or chrome
  • 2 Piece option fits ½" sprinkler heads and comes in red
  • Recessed head guard fits ½" sprinkler heads and comes in chrome
Part Number Size Configuration Finish
SPKGD1 Fits both 1/2" and 3/4" non-recessed heads 1-piece Red Steel
SPKGD2 Fits 1/2" non-recessed heads 2-piece Red Steel
SPKGDREC Fits 1/2" recessed heads 1-piece Steel