Flow Test Accessories

  1. Discharge elbow - A hydrant discharge elbow is for use on pump discharge valves, or suction inlets to minimize hose kinking.  
  2. Hydrant cap - These caps have a ¼" outlet for use with pressure gauges that also have a ¼" NPT connection
  3. Hydrant flow nozzle - Hydrant flow nozzles straighten the stream of water at the hydrant port to help you get the most accurate pitot readings possible.
  4. Hydrant wrench - Our adjustable hydrant wrenches are designed to open and close fire hydrants
  5. Cap gauge - A cap gauge comes equipped with a long handled hydrant cap, a 4" liquid filled gauge, and a 3-way bleeder valve.  These units are used to test static pressure (non-flowing).
  6. Line gauge - A line gauge is used to test static pressure in fire hose or fire hose nozzles.  They're also designed for standpipe use.  NOT intended to flow test fire hydrants
  7. Hydrant flow gauge - These handy units bolt directly onto the 2½" outlet of a fire hydrant to accurately measure flow.  A 2½" liquid filled gauge is equipped with this unit.
  8. Hydrant gate valve - Hydrant gate valves are used to throttle the flow of water from a fire hydrant.
  9. 3-Way bleeder valve - The bottom port is known as the common port. The standard handle has 360 degree rotation and lies over the open port. When the handle is rotated 90 degrees from either port, flow is shut off to both ports.
  10. Gauge snubber - The gauge snubber / filter helps to steady the needle on the gauge in the existence of gas or liquid that may cause variations in your readings.
  11. Playpipe - A playpipe is used to project extensive water streams over larger distances and provides an immediate available means of conducting flow tests from fire pumps.
  12. Single jacket fire hose - Our 2½" x 25' sections of 250PSI test pressure fire hose is designed for flow testing purposes.
Part Number Size Configuration Finish Notes
ELBOW45RB25 2½" F SW NST x 2½" M NST 45º Rough Brass 1.
HYDCAP 2½" F NST x ¼" F NPT Pin lug Rough Brass 2.
HYDNOZZLE 2½" F NST x 2¼" Smooth Bore Pin lug Polished Chrome 3.
HYDWR Fits up to 1¾" nut 18" length Steel 4.
CAPGAUGE25 2½" F NST w/ a 4" gauge Long handled cap Polished Chrome 5.
LINEGAUGE25 2½" F Swivel NST x 2½" M NST Straight Aluminum 6.
HYDFLOW25 2½" Gauge face 100 PSI gauge Polished Chrome 7.
VAL05116C 2½" F NST Swivel x 2½" M NST 175 PSI Rough Brass 8.
PITOTBLEED3 ¼" F NPT x ¼" F NPT x ¼" M NPT 500 PSI Brass 9.
GAUGESNUBBER ¼" F NPT x ¼" M NPT Hexagon pattern Brass 10.
PLAYPIPE25 2½" F swivel NST 1-1/8" orifice tip Brass 11.
HSE25-25SJ1 2½" x 25' Aluminum NST couplings White 12.