Cutting Oil

Our cutting oil is for sprinkler pipe applications and is a superb heavy duty, cutting oil for all kinds of ferrous metal.  It’s unique mix of anti-wear and anti-weld additives help contribute all the lubricity and cooling that modern pipe threading operations require.  This proportional combination of additives will help increase die life and thread quality over other cutting oils and is chlorine free. 

The main difference between the clear and the dark cutting oil options is that the clear formulation decreases smoke while offering only a mild odor, making it the preferable choice for high speed threading applications.  The dark formulation comes at a slightly more economical price point.

  • FBC system compatible
  • Superb tool life
  • All types of ferrous metal or pipe
  • Increased surface finish
  • Low odor (clear oil only)
  • Low smoke (clear oil only)
Part Number Size Finish
PS500 1 Gallon Dark
PS501 5 Gallon Dark
PS502 55 Gallon Dark
PS510 5 Gallon Clear