Surface Mounted Access Doors

The Williams Brothers surface mounted access doors are designed for when access is a requirement without a framed opening.  The precision fit surface mounted access door is the answer in all types of walls and ceilings.

  • Door: 14 ga. steel
  • Trim: 18 ga. steel
  • Finish: Primed grey baked enamel
  • Optional Finish:  304 Stainless steel
  • Latches: Flush, stainless steel cam latch
  • Hinge: Full length piano hinge allows door to open to 180°
Part Number Size
ACC88SM 8" x 8"
ACC1212SM 12" x 12"
ACC1616SM 16" x 16"
ACC1818SM 18" x 18"
ACC2424SM 24" x 24"