Fire Rated Access Doors for Plaster

The JL Industries FDP series fire rated access door is designed for plaster use and can be used wherever it is necessary to provide service access to shafts and any other location which must have a fire rating. The recessed frame is concealed by application of plaster to the metal flange, and includes a 3/4" deep plastering stop. The door can be painted to match the surrounding surface for an unobtrusive look.

  • Door: 2” thick, insulated 20 gauge steel with continuous hinge.
  • Frame: 16 gauge steel with 1-3/8" wide plasterguard flange, recessed 3/4"
  • Finish: White powder coat paint
  • Optional Finish:  304 Stainless steel
  • Latch: Universal turn ring and key lock
  • Additional lock options (see spec)
  • Wall Installation: 1-1/2 hour UL“B” label in a 2 hour fire barrier.
  • Ceiling Installation: Warnock Hersey listed for ceiling installations with 3 hour non-combustible rating or 1 hour combustible rating. 
Part Number Size
ACC88PL-FR 8" x 8"
ACC1010PL-FR 10" x 10"
ACC1212PL-FR 12" x 12"
ACC1414PL-FR 14" x 14"
ACC1616PL-FR 16" x 16"
ACC1818PL-FR 18" x 18"
ACC2222PL-FR 22" x 22"
ACC2230PL-FR 22" x 30"
ACC2424PL-FR 24" x 24"