Fire Rated Access Doors for Drywall

The Williams Brothers fire rated drywall access door can be used wherever it is necessary to provide service access to shafts and any other location which must have a fire rating. This door features a tape-in drywall bead flange, eliminating visual distraction caused by surface mounted units, and providing a more pleasing appearance.

  • Door: 18 ga. steel
  • Trim: 16 ga. steel, 1" wide 24 ga. galvanized flange for mounting purposes, 2½" frame depth
  • Insulation: 2" thick mineral wool 
  • Finish: Primed grey baked enamel
  • Optional Finish:  304 Stainless steel
  • Latch: Self-latching direct action latch with knurled knob lock and 1 flush key
  • Hinge: Fully concealed, pivot rod type hinge. Allows opening to 140°.
  • 1 hour fire rated combustible floor and ceiling assembly (Certified by Warnock Hersey).
  • 3 hour fire rated non-combustible floor and ceiling assembly (Certified by Warnock Hersey).
Part Number Size
ACC1212DW-FR 12" x 12"
ACC1414DW-FR 14" x 14"
ACC1616DW-FR 16" x 16"
ACC1818DW-FR 18" x 18"
ACC2424DW-FR 24" x 24"